In this profile you will find extensive information on coach Angelique. You can read which type of clients Angelique mainly has and what her own specific way of coaching is. It also describes what others say about Angelique and what her background is. You can plan a free orientation meeting with Angelique here»

Coach AngeliqueYou can contact me with questions about
“You can contact me with questions about personal and organizational development issues in the broad sense of the word. On the personal level, you can contact me with questions about changing dysfunctional behavior or persistent patterns, dealing with anxiety or other uncertainties, burnout or stress related questions. I also deal with issues related to personal effectiveness and choice of Study. At the organizational level, I like to work with you to develop skills and competencies such as influencing ability and leadership skills. Finally, you have come to the right place for even more fundamental questions like “who am I, what do I want, what are my abilities?”

My way of working
“In my 20 years of experience as a coach I learned that every question is unique and therefore tailor-made solutions are required for successful coaching. To really be able to connect with the client in my work as a coach and in that way do what is required, I have built up a wide range of techniques and instruments over time. Examples include psychological research, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, RET, Biographical work, Transactional Analysis, Systemic work Solution coaching and Integrative Psychotherapy. To avoid the risk of “paralysis by analysis”, I only work on what is necessary. This is to prevent that all time is spent on analyzing, leaving insufficient time to work on an implementable solution for the issues. My experience is that it is not always necessary to do a “deep dive”, although my approach certainly lends itself to intervene on all four relevant levels when required: the subconscious (“ who am I?”), the norms and values (“what do I think?”), the skills (“what are my abilities?”) and behavior patterns (“how do I act?”).”

What others say about Angelique
“Clients and colleagues describe me as someone that can easily connect with people of all ages and backgrounds through my curious, open and patient attitude. The attributes “sparkling”, “creative”, “inspiring” and “flexible” are also often relayed back to me. I am particularly happy with the feedback that I confront others in a respectful manner and know how to motivate them to actually change their behavior.”

My training & certifications

  • Registered Psychologist NIP Work and Organization
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – RINO en Kienhorst vanden bout
  • Integrative psychotherapy – Academy for Psychotherapy
  • Transactional Analysis – London
  • Rational Emotive Therapy London
  • Hypnosis and trance in the medical setting – Cure & Care
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Provocative Coaching
  • Body oriented and energetic work – Centre for Life and Intuition
  • Advice Skills, Coaching & Mentoring, Train-the-trainer, Interview Skills, Communication Skills, Project Management, Strategic Human Resource Management, TQM, Change Management, EFQM
  • Certified to work with many different assessment, career, diagnostics and coaching tools from Pearson, Swets, OPP

“I started my career at PricewaterhouseCoopers as an external management consultant, then worked for several years as an internal consultant for a British bank in London. Back in the Netherlands I did assignments for various HR agencies (including SHL, Berenschot, Leeuwendaal, Van Harte & Lingsma, Boertien), educational institutions (including ROC, Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Wageningen), non-profit organizations (including Bronovo Hospital, Sports Medicine, first and second line practices) and for-profit organizations (including ABN AMRO, Rabobank, AlpInvest, IBM).”

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